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Our Story

In November of 2013, Serina Cooper applied for a passport, got the required shots for West Africa, sold her furniture, and quit her job. By December 3, she was boarding a plane to Liberia. It’s a move no one would ever have predicted. With a great job in the entertainment and fashion industry, a fantastic condo on South Beach, a nice car, a college degree, and an invitation to all the hottest parties in town, Serina was living out the American Dream.

Though her parents had grown up in Liberia, Serina was born and raised in the U.S., so she was startled to realize that landing in Liberia felt like coming home. Soon she was going on adventure after amazing adventure, and suddenly, all the stories her mother used to tell her about Liberia’s rich history and dazzling cultural scene came rushing back. The tales of her maternal great-great-grandfather, a freed American slave who moved to Africa and helped found a new republic named after liberty, took on a profound new resonance.

It was there in Liberia that Serina, determined to keep pushing herself, finally overcame one of her greatest fears and started work on a fashion line that drew from all the different parts of her identity. She incorporated the Western, trendy outcast and the “Liberian girl” from the Diaspora. She pulled inspiration from her family’s history and wove in elements from the Bassa tribe, a connection through her maternal great-grandmother. She stopped trying to choose or take sides, and instead began embracing her whole self and her true calling.

Now, with her brand African Hippie, Serina has succeeded in creating a line that encompasses all the different facets of her adventurous and wandering spirit. She is flipping convention on its head as she takes full ownership of both her African heritage and her hippie sensibility. By combining these concepts into a unified vision, Serina hopes to bring light and love of art, culture, and self not only into the fashion industry but into the larger global community as well.

With the amazing team she has assembled at African Hippie, Serina continues to create pieces that are unique, well-made, and on trend. Crafted by hand from organic cotton and subtly evoking an African aesthetic, her clothing is comfortable and meant to be enjoyed. Perhaps most important, the clothing at African Hippie is made with you, our customers, in mind. It is our sincere hope that no matter where you live, you will find a piece from our collections that speaks to you, lifts you up, and makes you feel like yourself—only better. That empowers you to embrace your authentic self and venture farther and wider than you’ve ever gone as you seek out your next adventure.

We hope to meet you there.